Things the teen camp in Tarifa is looking forward to doing

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Things the teen camp in Tarifa is looking forward to doing

We don’t know about you, but for us, it’s the little things in life that we truly miss since Coronavirus took hold of the world. The change to our daily routines, our plans and overall way of living, really makes you appreciate the small stuff. Here’s a list of things the teen camp in Tarifa is looking forward to doing after the pandemic ends and things we’ll never take for granted again!

Kitesurfing and windsurfing as a group

Here at Lenguaventura Summer Camps, one of our favourite things is taking a group of wonderful campers down to the beach for an awesome kitesurfing or windsurfing lesson in Tarifa, one of the most popular towns in Andalusia. We really appreciate and understand the value in getting out onto the waves with peers in tow, to help encourage each other and learn new tips and tricks to develop. We can’t wait for it to be safe enough for us all to put on our swimwear, grab our boards and kites, and head to the beach for an awesome surfing session, and maybe even a picnic on the beach afterwards.

Hugging friends and family

It’s such a small act of love, warmth and affection but so meaningful too! Not being able to hug our nearest and dearest for almost a year has been tough and it certainly means we’ll never take for granted the power of small human connections ever again. Who are you most looking forward to giving a hug when this is all over? Let us know in the comments.

Friends gathering

We can’t wait for crowded rooms, loud music and no social distancing. It’ll be so much fun! Enough said! Everyone who joined our teen camp in Tarifa in the past knows what we are talking about.

Going out with family and friends

Going to a cafe, a restaurant, the cinema or ten pin bowling… you name it! We can’t wait for spontaneous days out with family and friends. What we once saw as a totally mundane afternoon will now be the best thing. We will be grateful of all the luck and love we have in our lives and we hope to never take it for granted again.

Meeting new people

With strict lockdown measures in place in many countries, meeting new people has certainly been hard, if not impossible. Which is s shame as meeting new people is one of the best joys in life as it sparks new ideas, conversations and friendships. With Covid-19 meaning we’ve been unable to go out and socialise, when this is all over, we can’t wait to take up a new hobby and meet new, like-minded people.

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