The top five reasons to go back to school

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The top five reasons to go back to school

After a long and surprising period of being off school this year, we’re hearing from students that they’re ready and super excited to go back! We here at Lenguaventura summer camps don’t blame them, as there’s so many brilliant reasons to be excited to go back to school. Check out our top five reasons why going back to school is the best!

1. New things

A new school year is the start of so many new things: classmates, books, lessons, teachers, classrooms, seating plans or even a new school. It’s a chance to start over with a clean slate. Maybe you’ve had some time to yourself over the summer and you’re feeling like a new person – well maybe it could be a great time to reinvent yourself. A new school year is complete with new hopes and dreams and some new goals and ambitions to master.

2. Be independent

It’s great breaking up from school for the long summer break. The seemingly endless warm summer days stretched out ahead of you seem like true bliss. But as summer comes to a close and you’ve spent so much time at home with your family, you can crave your own space and independence for sure. Going back to school is a great way to feel truly yourself again. Surrounded by your peers who are the same age as you, helps you to truly come into your own and find out who you are becoming.

3. Back with your friends

Surely the best reason to go back is to be with your friends again. It’s an opportunity to catch up with everyone who you’ve not seen, swap stories of your summer and even meet new friends too. There’s a special atmosphere at the beginning the school year, as everyone is open to meeting new people while they get used to their new classes and of course, classmates. Use the start of the school year as a chance to make a new friend or two and to cherish the friendships you already have.

4. Keep your brain active

When you’re not in your daily routine of getting up and going to school, your brain can take a rest. Over the summer we don’t have any classes to focus on or difficult projects to complete. The chance to challenge your brain is limited. Going back to school is the best way to spark those new ideas, get your brain back in gear and grow your knowledge and intelligence. Your grey matter will thank you for it!

5. New season

With the start of the new school year, comes a new season. Here in Europe, it’s the start of Autumn (or Fall if you’re from the US) and with that brings new scenery and a new, warmer uniform. A change in season can spark a change in you, as it’s a way to get creative with your new wardrobe, start a new sport or hobby and with that, meet new people.

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to about going back to school.

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