Teenager summer camp Tarifa, Spain

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Teenager summer camp Tarifa, Spain

If it’s your first time visiting a teenager summer camp you might have experienced a few worrying thoughts about what to expect. It’s a new experience and even though it’s a fantastic one, teenagers can still be nervous. Don’t worry; this is completely normal and lots of our previous campers experienced the same thoughts. Check out our advice on how to banish those pesky worries!

What will my first day in the teenager summer camp be like?

The first day at  the summer camp is a relatively chilled one – all of our campers arrive and settle in by unpacking their things in their dorm before coming together to be introduced to all other campers and camp leaders. In the evening, we host a range of fun and exciting ‘ice breaker’ games and activities to help everyone feel comfortable and get to know each other.

What if I don’t make any friends?

Here at Lenguaventura we say it’s almost impossible not to make any friends during the teenager summer camp but we know this can be a worry for some apprehensive campers. We encourage each of our teenagers to get to know other campers by asking questions about their favourite hobbies and life back home. You’ll be amazed at how much you have in common! Our activities are great team bonding experiences so you’ll be socialising and having fun before you know it. It’s hard not to make friends in those circumstances. Each year, our campers return home having made true, lifelong friendships.

What if I get homesick?

It’s completely normal to feel a little homesick during your first few days of summer camp, so we’ve got your covered with wifi for friendly emails and a landline number, which parents can call, to check in on you. You’re also welcome to use your mobile phones during downtime, to catch up with family or friends, who we’re sure will be missing you too!

What if I’m not very good at the watersports activities or adventure activities?

Don’t worry if you’ve never kitesurfed, windsurfed or done adventure activities before! We have happy and helpful, trained professionals on hand to teach you all you need to know about your chosen activity. Our water sport instructors will place you into a group depending on your knowledge of the activity, where you’ll be surrounded by other teenagers with the same skill level and experience as you. In these groups you can work together to help each other advance your surfing or adventure skills, so you’ll be ready for anything by the end of summer camp!”

Summer Camp starts in a few weeks and we can’t wait to welcome you here at Lenguaventura. Get ready for the time of your life!

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