The Bull Summer Games, Kitesurfing Camp for teenagers

This was the first Lenguaventura kitesurf competition that comprises three different disciplines: theoretical part, practical part (on land) and kitesurfing. Every participants could collect points from those three different activities and the winners are those who have obtained the most points. Everybody had a chance to win even a beginner!.   The Bull Summer [...]

Our Flash Mob!

This is our final result of the Lenguaventura Summer Camp Flash Mob! After many rehearsals and dances with the Disco Pogo song, this was our performance by surprise in Plaza de la Alameda, Tarifa. It was great fun!

Summer Camp language courses in Spanish and English

Four times a week the participants from the teen summer camp in Tarifa have language classes to improve their Spanish or English. The way of learning goes beyond the typical classroom lessons. The best way to learn a language is by putting it into practice, that is why teachers organise visits to the market, breakfasts or even short films. Here we can see Lili and [...]

Language and Adventure in the summer camp Spain

Language and Adventure, fieldtrip to Morocco Chiara one of our summer camp participants tells us how the trip to Tanger was… ” El miércoles de la semana pasada todo el campamento fuimos a Tánger en Marruecos. Llegamos allí a las once y fuimos a visitar las cuevas de Hércules. Después fuimos a un restaurante típico donde comimos comida de [...]