Summer Kitesurfcamp experience for teenagers in Spain

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Summer Kitesurfcamp experience for teenagers in Spain

Lenguaventura offers summer kitesurfcamp experience Kitesurfing Camp for teenagers in Tarifa
Every summer there are more and more people coming to Tarifa who are curious about kitesurfing and seduced by the idea of learning how to slide over the water or to jump and for the more experienced to fly over the waves.

The origin of kiting goes back to the inspiration of the Legaignoux Brothers in 1984. They worked for 10 years on the development of their project, with little money and absolutely no interest from potential investors. But they faced the challenge and managed to sell 200 kites in France under “Wipi Cat brand” (1993/1994). More info
DSC0163-300x200Why do we opt for the Kitesurf sport?
We can not ignore the importance and benefits of any sport and it is clear that kitesurfing is not an activity within everyone’s reach throughout the school year. It’s a sport which is highly attractive to the more daring youth, and an excellent activity to channel large doses of energy accumulated during the school year. It harnesses the collective euphoria and atmosphere around the young people in Tarifa. Kitesurfing is  the ideal combination of ingredients to stimulate the wish to face an attractive personal challenge.

Is Kitesurf a safe sport for your children?
The most important safety requirement for all those interested in kitesurfing is to be a swimmer, and feel safe and comfortable in the water. Insecurity or fear can be an obstacle to enjoying the sport.

In the Lenguaventura summer kitesurfcamp experience, professionally qualified instructors ensure that learning is achieved through their use of the latest coaching methods and the most up-to-date kitesurf equipment. In this way maximum security is assured.

The average age at which young people can begin practising kitesurf successfully without risk is coming down. Until recently, the recommended age was around 12, but the continuous development, improvement, adaption and security enhancements of the material allows us today to see children from 6 – 8 years dominating the kiteDSC0101-300x199surf sport.

Our kitesurf courses are divided into several groups. Geared for those beginning with this experience, for those with an intermediate level and for the more experienced who want to hone their skills.

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