Daily life in the teen summer Camp in Tarifa

Daily life in the teen summer Camp in Tarifa 2017-01-17T22:23:46+00:00

Teenage summer programs Spanish/English in Tarifa, Spain 

Living in a summer camp community is intense. Time passes quickly. The activities are numerous and the participants in the teenage summer programs have to deal with different challenges and situations.

The Lenguaventura Camp offers teenage summer programs where young people between the ages of 14 and 17, coming from different parts of the world, with different cultures, lifestyles and thinking, live together for two, three or four weeks, coordinated and supervised by a team of monitors who live together with the participants and share life with them.

Keeping in mind that many of our participants come alone. That is why in our summer camp we strive daily to make the young people feel like in family, and create a home atmosphere outside their own homes. Our team picks up the teenagers at the airport and accompanies them to the Residential school in Tarifa where they explain to them how the summer camp functions and how it is organized. At the end of the stay we bring back all students to the airport. During their stay in Lenguaventura, the participants share experience and feelings, go together to the Spanish or English language classes, play games, enjoy the outings, adventures, water sports or other sports, get to know other cultures, face new challenges, laugh, make friends and, ultimately, create highly gratifying moments.

Lenguaventura wants all teenagers to live a unique experience which will be unforgettable. This is the reason why we take pictures and make videos which we are pleased to share and specially to give the opportunity to experience all those magical moments once more.