Residential summer school in Tarifa – Lenguaventura summer camps

Residential summer school in Tarifa – Lenguaventura summer camps 2017-01-17T22:22:02+00:00

Residential summer school in Tarifa centre for teens aged 14 to 17

As the saying goes here – My home is your home – and that reflects what Spain is all about. Participants in Lenguaventura, living in the Residential summer school in Tarifa, will experience that hospitality at our summer camp.

Lenguaventura is located in a School Residence in downtown Tarifa. Only three minutes from the beach, the dormitories offer a youth hostel style environment, with a maximum of three students in each room.

At the students’ disposal in the Residential summer school are ping pong tables, tabletop soccer, music and television facilities and a spacious courtyard for outdoor games, such as football and basketball. It will certainly be the focus of many sports challenges during the camp season. The lounge area is the meeting point in the school residence, always good for a friendly chat or to use WIFI and to initiate the activities. For advice or personal support there is always someone in the office, which is located next to the lounge.

For a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable stay we encourage you to bring your own musical instrument to the Residential summer school.

Students will find miscellaneous games for their enjoyment, too.

At a glance the Spanish and English language students can benefit from the following facilities in the Residencial summer school:

  • Dormitories with rooms for a maximum of three students per room (girls and boys on different floors)
  • Office for personal attention of students
  • Outdoor playground area
  • Lounge
  • Zone Wifi
  • Ping pong tables
  • Tabletop soccer
  • Lockers for personal belongings
  • Dining room
  • Classrooms

During the month of July the Lenguaventura summer camp residence will be our home. The more we respect and take care of each other in this community the happier we will be together. Thus, the good atmosphere and sociability will be something that accompanies us every day strengthening the bonds of friendship.