Sea Change Project – Inspiring Stories

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Sea Change Project – Inspiring Stories

After watching My Octopus Teacher on Netflix for the second time, we were inspired to check out the star, Craig Foster’s, Sea Change Project. It aims to highlight the diverse nature and ecosystem of the Great African Seaforest. Educating people on the importance of protecting our seas, oceans and underwater environments.

Check out a few of our favourite stories from the Sea Change Project blog below…

We love Chris Van Melle Kamp’s blog ‘Listen to the Ocean’. He explains the essence of the natural sounds of the ocean and how its species rely on these sounds to navigate and live safely in their habitats. Sadly, Chris also explains the dangers and damage created to underwater wildlife from man-made noises. He said “When they [sounds] are man-made and powerful they can create panic, destruction and death amongst marine life, especially for the life forms that cannot flee the area such as baby turtles and molluscs.”

So why not listen to the sounds of the sea next time you visit. Grab a snorkel, take a dip and use that moment to listen to the sounds the sea is making. What can you hear? Read more about the sounds of the sea here.

Carina Frankal’s blog, ‘The Stories we Tell Ourselves’, is not just a tale about the ocean but about the things we tell ourselves. It delivers messages about having confidence and believing in yourself in spite of other people’s doubts about you. It’s well worth a read to gain an adults perspective on life’s daily pressures. Read Carina’s blog here.

 It made us think… ‘what stories do you imagine about the ocean?’

One of our favourite blogs from Sea Forest Project is definitely Swati Thiyagarajan’s, ‘Stepping into Nature’s Matrix’, which tells us how vital it is to surround ourselves with nature. Swati said: “Nature was not just the foundation for all life on earth but the foundation of our mental, physical and spiritual well being.” Swati explains how immersing yourself in nature can be truly beneficial to your whole life. Plus, there’s some tips in the article to find your own wild teacher – visit #MyWildTeacher to get inspired. Read Swati’s blog here.

Lastly, Craig Foster’s son, Tom Foster, has written about ‘Connecting with Sharks’ during his experiences diving with his dad. Discovering huge sharks of various species, he said: “no matter how big or scary something seems, there is always a side that can be understood, as long as enough time is given to experience and learn about it safely.” His blog post teaches us the importance of learning about even the things that might scare you and learning to live in harmony with them.

 So, what scares you about the ocean?

Click here to read about his favourite shark!

There’s a fascinating world beneath the sea and it’s waiting to be discovered. But remember in order to explore safely and sustainably, leave only bubbles. The Sea Change Project has inspired Lenguaventura summer camps to ask ourselves, ‘what can we do to ensure the protection of our oceans?’ Any idea?

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