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Lenguaventura, Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 The african continent is only a footstep away from Tarifa and ferry boats are crossing frequently. Once a year we take advantage of the proximity and do a day excursion to the African continent. Enjoy the pictures Gádor shot during this exciting day.

Language and Adventure in the summer camp Spain

Language and Adventure, fieldtrip to Morocco Chiara one of our summer camp participants tells us how the trip to Tanger was… ” El miércoles de la semana pasada todo el campamento fuimos a Tánger en Marruecos. Llegamos allí a las once y fuimos a visitar las cuevas de Hércules. Después fuimos a un restaurante típico donde comimos comida de [...]

Camp trip — Summer Camp Tarifa, Spain

Camp trip to Cádiz during the summer camp. Cádiz is the capital of Cádiz province and the second city most populated of the province with an estimated population about 121.800 inhabitants. Cádiz is one of the oldest towns in western Europe. It can look back to a large and influential history. Cádiz was a principal home [...]