Teenage kite surf camp Tarifa, Spain

The countdown to the teenage kite surf camp has already started. Kite surfers can have as much fun as they want on the beach and the water but should never forget the following rules: 1.    Respect other kiters and practise the give way rules. 2.    Respect other beach users. 3.    Be aware of the sun and use sun protection as much as needed. In [...]

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Tarifa summer camp for teens 2015

Friday, July 3rd 2015 The Multiactivity went for the rock jumping but Gádor, who takes the pictures in our summer camp this year went with the Kitesurfers to Los Lances beach to take some shots. It was a perfect kitesurf day and everybody came home happy. Please visit our facebook page Lenguaventura Camps for more [...]

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Lenguaventura Camps 2014

It’s been four  weeks since we welcomed our first Lenguaventura boys and girls who were eager to have fun and live new experiences. They came from a wide range of countries: USA. Austria, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Morocco, Spain, South America, UAE, etc. The first days were those we call “ice-breaking days”, when [...]

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The Bull Summer Games

This was the first kitesurf competition that comprises three different disciplines: theoretical part, practical part (on land) and kitesurfing. Every participants could collect points from those three different activities and the winners are those who have obtained the most points. Everybody had a chance to win even a beginner!.   The Bull Summer Games [...]

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Summer Windsurf Camp in Tarifa

In the last post we talked about kitesurfing which is one of the options we offer in our summer camp for teenagers between 14 and 17. Today we talk about windsurfing which is the other water sport teenagers can learn or improve during their summer holidays in Tarifa. Windsurfing is a much older sport than kitesurfing. Its beginning dates back to the early [...]

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Chistes, churros y otras cosas

Hoy tengo ganas de contaros un chiste en español; es un chiste para niños, aunque sabemos que este blog se dirige a adolescentes y adultos amantes de la lengua española. Ahora os preguntaréis por qué cuento algo infantil. Es muy simple: cuando se entiende un chiste en una lengua extranjera, en nuestro caso en español, eso demuestra que [...]

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A month to remember

This year, all the people who work in Lenguaventura Summer Camp have come to the same conclusion: How fast the time has gone! We spend all the year waiting for the camp, to gather all again in Tarifa, to work again together and enjoy with the activities, to see again the ones who come back for the [...]

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Last activities

Before finishing the summer camp for teenagers in Tarifa, Spain, we still had to do some interesting and funny activities. The multiactivity group were practicing Stand-up Paddle in Punta Paloma beach...and they finished all covered by mud! Another group took a boat from the port of Tarifa to watch dolphins and whales in the Strait [...]

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Our Flash Mob!

This is our final result of the Lenguaventura Summer Camp Flash Mob! After many rehearsals and dances with the Disco Pogo song, this was our performance by surprise in Plaza de la Alameda, Tarifa. It was great fun!

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A very fresh day!

One of Lenguaventura's favourite day is our visit to the water park in Algeciras. This is the best way to refresh and spend a funny day enjoying with the participants of the teen summer camp in the pools and slides. These pictures show that we all really had fun, monitors and teenagers.

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