Kitesurf youth summer camp Andalusia

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Kitesurf youth summer camp Andalusia

Young but already an expert kitesurfer?

Young sporty expert kitesurfers who would love to participate in a kitesurf youth summer camp but never have because they are already independent kitesurfers, so they do not want or need to sign up to a kitesurf course. Now Lenguaventura can offer a great alternative for these teenagers.

As a matter of fact we have had more and more inquiries from young students and their parents for a more independent kitesurfing option during the summer holidays. As a logical consequence the kitesurf school has suggested offering the following:

Rent kitesurf gear, navigate independently but get the necessary supervision.

This option excludes kitesurf lessons and coaching. It can only be chosen when certain requirements are fulfilled.

Of course security always comes first. For this option the young kitesurfers will need to meet the criteria of the kitesurf school : It is absolutely compulsory that the participants comply with the following conditions:

– be fully independent
– know how to set-up, trim and pack the kite
– know how to launch and land their kite
– know how to ride upwind
– know how to get back to the board (no leash) in deep water
– understand wind forecast, tides and wind effects
– be able to assess wind strength, direction and quality
– understand right of way
– know how to enter and get out of the water in amongst other kiters
– know how to do a self-rescue in deep water

Can you say yes to all of the above mentioned points?

Then you can benefit from this option.

The costs for kitesurf gear rental and supervision are :
2 weeks 24 h             EUR. 2.630
3 weeks 36 h             EUR. 3.795
4 weeks 48 h             EUR. 4.795

One kitesurf instructor can supervise a maximum of 4 kitesurfers at the same time.

For all other kitesurfers nothing changed. The group courses of 12 or 16 hours per week are available as always, for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The same applies to the semi-private courses for all levels.

For more information please contact us directly.

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