Summer camp program for young adventurers

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Summer camp program for young adventurers

Summercamp program for young adventurers with a Eco Citizenship award

Lenguaventura has decided to make some exciting changes to our successful Multi-activity option. Building on our many years of experience in working with teenagers we will be offering the opportunity for them to participate in our unique summercamp program for young adventurers in Tarifa, Spain.

So for 2017 multi-activity will become the Eco-Citizen Program and like our two other activities (kitesurfing and windsurfing) will have a progress award.

In this way the teenagers return home with something tangible as well as the wonderful memories of a fun packed and adventurous summer spent with us.

We have brought about this change to ensure that the young people’s time with us will have a positive outcome, i.e. that they will learn and achieve particular skillsets.

This groundbreaking program is an approach to eco citizenship which allows the teenagers to become aware of the wonders of nature and how they can start to become more conscious of the world that they live in and to build up a set of vital life skills.

Moving with confidence in nature; being able to light a fire without a lighter, designing and making driftwood rafts, discussing the concepts of waste and creating art work with recycled material, exploring wild waterfalls and making survival shelters are some of the activities that we will offer.

Central to the successful achievement of these programs will be teamwork, cooperation and solidarity; the nurturing of these skills is at the forefront of our approach.

Whilst the daily emphasis is on fun and exploration, there is a deeper meaning to our ethos as we lay the foundations for the global citizens of the future as well as fostering an environment where their potential for creation is realized in an adventurous and safe environment.

All of our programs and activities are set within some of the most dramatic, beautiful and unspoilt wild nature in  Southern Europe.

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