Alloggiamento campo estivo Tarifa

Alloggiamento campo estivo Tarifa

Our school residence in Tarifa through the eyes of a student from Switzerland
DSC0418-300x120“When I arrived at the residence I saw other young people from the summer camp sitting on the sofas in the living room chatting and listening to music. They looked like one big family.

The Lenguaventura monitors showed me the room which I shared with two other girls and the girls who were there showed me the dormitory and the bathroom and they also introduced me to the other girls. Then all together we went down again to the lounge where the boys were waiting for the newcomers. Together we toured the residence and my peers who had arrived a week or two before me, showed me the game room, the outdoor patio with multifunctional tracks, a dining room with kitchen where two cooks prepare food, classrooms for the Spanish and English classes, the laundry, a game room with table tennis and table football, an office where always one monitor is available for any queries a student may have.

DSC0437-300x120The classrooms caught my attention. We sat for a while in the chairs and I realized that the class had many posters and pictures of the guys who used these rooms during the school year. I felt very welcome and at ease in the classroom as it told me something about school life of unknown students who we will never get to know but who let us use their classrooms with complete confidence.

After the tour through the School Residence we went for a walk to the old town and I was thrilled to see that in two minutes you can walk to the old city center of Tarifa where there are many cool shops and an ice cream bar with the best ice cream I’ve eaten in my life. Then we went to the beach which was surprisingly close too.There we saw where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean come together, separated by the island. The beach is beautiful, white sand and very fine with a wonderful promenade, all of which is only two minutes away from our summer home! The location of our residence is very practical. It is very close to everything and no time is wasted on transportation.

DSC0445-300x120When we all sat in the dining room for the first time I saw all participants together. The atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful and constantly monitors cracked jokes with us. Although I did not knew anybody at the beginning, I did not feel alone or ashamed to speak with my peers as everyone was very open and friendly, as if we already have known each other for a long time.

The next day I returned to the classroom I saw the day before. I met my teachers and I started the language course which was totally different from my experience in high school classes. We did a lot of practical exercises which helped me overcome my shyness in speaking.

In summary, the residence is a place full of life that welcomed us with the heat of Southern Spain.”

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