Summer camp Spain – Reflections for 2018

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Summer camp Spain – Reflections for 2018

It’s the start of a new year and time for new you and new directions. Here at Lenguaventura summer camp Tarifa, Spain we’ve always considered it to be the time to reflect about life and as time goes on, the older you get the more you have to reflect on. By the way our summer camps get 15 this summer.

We recently discovered a rather funny and insightful video from Australian comedian, Tim Minchin, who spoke about his life lessons he learned from experience. With this in mind, we would like to share some of them with you:

  •  Have little dreams – Firstly, Tim states you don’t have to have a dream. Or if you have one don’t make it too big so that you don’t have to work on it your whole life. Of course it is always a good plan to have a goal to aim for, but start with one that is possible to fulfil in a short time frame (rather than a life-time). You never know, your little dreams may lead to the next step. Pursue short term goals and learn from them. You could miss little gems out of the corner of your eye pursuing long term dreams.
  • Don’t seek happiness – If you’re a nice person and make your friends and family happy around you, happiness will rub off on you!
  •  Exercise – Your health and fitness are keys to a happy you! Exercise releases the correct endorphins to our brand which gives us more energy and a positive outlook. Try loads of different activities and pick a sport you love! Then keep doing it for as long as you can to take care of your body. Why not try out kitesurfing or windsurfing? Explore our Lenguaventura summer camp Tarifa, Spain and try something new!
  •  Be a teacher – Share your ideas, wisdom and experience. Although you are still a teenager you can spread your knowledge and help peers who may be struggling in class and act as a role model to your younger brothers and sisters.
  •  Define yourself  by what you love – Express your passion for things you love. “Be pro-stuff not anti-stuff”, which means talk about the positives and don’t just focus on the negatives. In an age of social media, it is easy to focus on life injustices and let these define you. Debate and standing up for what is right is always a good thing but don’t let that be it. Look at life’s positives – instead of constantly complaining, look for the silver lining!
  • Don’t rush, don’t panic – It is ok not to know exactly what you want to do with your life right now. You are still young. Life is best lived by learning as much as you can about as much as you can. Have compassion, have pride, share ideas and be enthusiastic.

That is Tim Minchin’s guide to living life to the full! Lenguaventura summer camp Tarifa, Spain is pleased to enter with his words in mind into the New Year. And wishing all of you the best start into 2018.

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