Lenguaventura Camps 2014

Lenguaventura Camps 2014

It’s been four  weeks since we welcomed our first Lenguaventura boys and girls who were eager to have fun and live new experiences. They came from a wide range of countries: USA. Austria, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Morocco, Spain, South America, UAE, etc.

The first days were those we call “ice-breaking days”, when we all started to know each other and started becoming part of the Lenguaventura family.

Lenguaventura - Ice breaking activity

Lenguaventura – Ice breaking activity


During those four weeks we had time to enjoy so many different activities: sports, team building and fun activities and some more adventures. Lenguaventura’s summer camp of course includes the option to choose kitesurfing or windsurfing which are the predominating water sports in Tarifa.

Lenguaventura - Kitesurfing

Lenguaventura – Kitesurfing


Lenguaventura - Kitesurfing time!

Lenguaventura – Kitesurfing time!


Cultural visits to Morocco, Gibraltar, the Roman ruins of Bolonia (located in Tarifa) bring us closer to other cultures and different lifestyles allowing us eye opening experiences.


Lenguaventura - Visit to Gibraltar

Lenguaventura – Visit to Gibraltar


Lenguaventura - Luch in Morocco

Lenguaventura – Luch in Morocco

But in Lenguaventura camps there is also time to relax and have fun with friends by playing different games that help us improve personal skills and habililities. Artistic skills have also a place in Lenguaventura through activities like body painting, the masks night, break dance…

Lenguaventura - Bodypainting

Lenguaventura – Bodypainting

In short, four weeks full of friends, adventures and discoverings with memories for a lifetime.





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