Le migliori destinazioni per il windsurf/kitesurf

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Le migliori destinazioni per il windsurf/kitesurf

Now that summer is coming to an end here in Tarifa we reminiscing about turquoise waters, white sand and the bright summer sun at Lenguaventura. Our home town of Tarifa is one of the world best destinations for windsurfing and kitesurfing during the European summer months and even October is warm enough to enjoy our water sports. In fact, all the windsurf and kitesurf centers in Tarifa are open until the beginning of November. But the cooler weather will soon be here so we’ve picked out some of the other hot spots that make the best windsurfing destinations in October and November too!

Rhodes, Greece

With its year long mild temperatures, Rhodes in Greece is one of the best windsurfing destinations in autumn, as the season runs likewise until the beginning of November making it one of the longer lasting warmer climates in Europe.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s tropical climate makes it a year long destination for windsurfing (although it can be a little wetter in winter). It’s the of the go-to places for windsurfing in November.

Maui, Hawaii

As one of the best surfing and windsurfing spots in the world, Maui in Hawaii is definitely worth a trip once in a lifetime! In October its temperatures are still at a blissful 26 degrees and the temperatures in winter usually stays mild.

Bonaire, Caribbean

Bonaire, a small island 50 miles from Venezuela offers windsurfing 365 days a year which means there’s never not a good time to go! The sunshine and steady winds perfect for windsurfing last all year round. Discover more about windsurfing in Bonaire here. 

Boracay, Philippines

For Windsurfing towards the end of October or beginning of November, Boracay could be a great choice! As the summer comes to an end in Europe, it begins in the Philippines although it is not recommended going at the beginning of October as the rainy season only comes to an end at in late October. Nobody wants to risk being stuck in a typhoon! Check out the windsurfing in Boracay here.

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