Les moniteurs du camp d’été Tarifa, Espagne

  • summer group camp leaders, Tarifa Spain

Les moniteurs du camp d’été Tarifa, Espagne

Meet our summer group camp leaders

As our summer camp is only  10 days away, we thought it would be a nice idea to introduce you to our summer group camp leaders ahead of your arrival. They’re a super fun bunch so we’re delighted to introduce you. See how many fun facts you can remember! Most of them have been working with us for years.

Adrian Lago

Meet our Camp Instructor, Adrian Lago. He’s from Spain and this summer will be his 8th year as a Lenguaventura summer camp instructor, so if there’s a man who knows about camp, it’s him! He’s been working with children and teenagers since he was 18 years old. He also runs several after school clubs where Scottish children learn Spanish through games and fun activities. Apart from his work as a teacher, he also has experience co-ordinating school trips and working in summer camps in Spain and Ireland.

Fun fact about Adrian: “I love the night activities at the camp when we are all together participating in funny games and practical jokes. There are certain night activities that even the instructors are looking forward to it!”

Adrian’s favourite thing about summer camp: “Working in a summer camp is so different to any other job. You spend 24 hours with your workmates and participants and you create such strong links that go beyond any other kind of job. At the end, there is a sense of family among us. I also love the fact that working in a summer camp is so rewarding; all the effort is worthy when you see people laughing, having fun or expressing their gratitude for making an unforgettable summer.

Rebecca Cray

Rebecca Cray is another Camp instructor and is originally from Australia. She has been working in Lenguaventura since 2012.  When not at Lenguaventura summer camps, Rebecca runs bilingual art workshops in the great outdoors and takes acroyoga wherever she can!

Fun fact about Rebecca: “I’m dedicated to travelling the world, one beach or mountain at a time.”

Rebecca’s favourite thing about summer camp: “Is meeting so many people from all over the world.”

Miguel Ángel Benitez Viruez

Introducing Miguel Ángel Benitez Viruez; another veteran Spanish camp instructor. He started to work in Lenguaventura 9 years ago. He’s incredibly active as he’s a mountain guide as well as a teacher and environment, adventure and outdoor activities camp leader! That’s a lot of shoes to fill so make sure you keep him busy!

He’s confident you’ll have an amazing time at Lenguaventura as he says: “just bring your good mood we’ll bring you the rest.”

Miguel’s favourite thing about summer camp: “Living together and sharing the experience of an international summer camp in the marvellous place of Tarifa.

Desirée Moreno

Introducing Desirée Moreno; born and raised in Ubrique, she’s our Airport Transfer Guide. It is her 4th year in Lenguaventura. She’s a creative person having worked as an instructor in specialist make-up FX workshops as well as working with handicraft in natural materials and audiovisual projects. With Désirée we can always count.

Fun fact about Desirée:m very active person and am in love with extreme sports.

Desirée’s favourite thing about summer camp: “The mix of different cultures plus the friendly and supportive environment makes it an enjoyable experience.”

Marcos Navarro Calderón

Next up we have Marcos Navarro Calderón, our summer group camp leader is from Madrid but lives in Edimburgo. He’s got plenty of experience being a monitor working in other summer camps, as well as being a team leader of educational activities before and after lunch time in a primary school, plus he’s an Early Years Teacher. For him it is his second year with Lenguaventura.

Fun fact about Marcos: “I play guitar and I love inventing songs with children and the rest of the summer group camp leaders.”

Marcos’ favourite thing about summer camp: “I love the excursions and the moments in which we carry out activities with the children before bedtime.

Paola Ramos Amaya

We’re almost there, so meet Paola Ramos Amaya. She’s a new camp instructor to Lenguaventura summer camps and is from Ubrique. Her role at the summer camp is to help with all the activities we have on offer, especially with dance and move. She brings fantastic skills to her position being a Flamenco dance teacher, so make sure you bust some traditional Spanish moves with her during summer camp.

Fun fact about Paola:“I love dancing!”

Paola’s favourite thing about summer camp: “It’s the best environment to learn and have fun.”

Gonzalo Castro Martín

And lastly, meet Gonzalo Castro Martín, from Madrid. He has tons of experience helping young people with their role at the camp, having been a coach in this role for 10 years. This involves training kids, developing their skills and making sure their values are growing everyday, for life.

Fun fact about Gonzalo“I always find very interesting kids behaviour, and I have so much fun with them discussing new concepts about those questions which they have in their minds. I love laughing with them, it’s such a funny thing when they are laughing.”

Gonzalo’s favourite thing about summer camp: “In my opinion, it’s a unique experience, fulfilled with lots of moments of happiness and adventures, where we can make a positive impact on the kids. They will never forget this experience. »

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