How to survive your teenage years

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How to survive your teenage years

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Follow our tips on how to survive your teenage years and deal with confusion.

Your teenage years can be a confusing time. Some adults may treat you like a child, whilst others give you with responsibilities you don’t feel ready for. Your body is changing. Your moods are constantly changing. And probably your interests are changing too. It’s a time of self discovery and change. 

Be open with your parents

At times your parents might seem like the enemy during your teenage years. You’re growing up and want your independence. Yet your parents are treating you like a child! How can you win? Well it’s not about winning but clear communication. Let your parents know how you’re feeling about things. Tell them about school, friends, hobbies, boyfriends or girlfriends. You’ll be surprised at how understanding they are. Remember they were a teenager once too! We’re sure you’ll find the more open and honest you are, the more freedom you get.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Your teenage years are full of ups and downs. One minute you’re feeling great, the next your mood is low and your angry at the world. This is completely normal as your hormones are changing all the time. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a mood swing. But do try to be kind and patient with others and apologise if you lose your temper.

Stay away from drama

With all these emotions and hormones flying around, it’s easy to get wrapped up in drama during your teenage years. The school play ground or social media are two places that are breeding grounds for drama. So try to stay away from friends or social media accounts that bring drama to your life. Distance yourself from a friend that is always talking bad behind people’s backs. Or unfollow those who are trolling or posting negative things online. It’s important to keep a positive mindset in order to reach your full potential so don’t let the drama in. If you get sucked up in drama and doing something unkind to someone else it could be something you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Don’t be afraid to try new things

If you’re feeling confused about what you like during your teenage years that is totally normal. You might even have a tough time figuring out who you are. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Take the time during your teenage years to try new things until you settle on things you enjoy. Try new clothes. Eat new foods. Make new friends in our summer camps for teenagers. Listen to varied music. The list goes on, but don’t worry most people are still figuring out who they are well into their twenties and even their thirties. You have plenty of time to work it out!


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