Cinq choses pour aider à protéger l’océan

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Cinq choses pour aider à protéger l’océan

It’s no secret that here at Lenguaventura summer camps, we love the ocean! It provides us with hours of adventure, fun and exercise all year round when windsurfing and kitesurfing, not to mention the beautiful backdrop in Tarifa. But the sustainability of our oceans is fast becoming one of the world’s most serious issues. With an estimated eight million tons of non-biodegradable plastic and rubbish being dumped into the oceans each year, it’s threatening the eco-system and cleanliness of our seas and oceans as well as the lives of marine creatures and nature. So as part of a pledge here at Lenguaventura, we’re asking for your help to protect the ocean. Check out our tips below.

Never leave rubbish on the beach!

The most common types of trash found in our oceans each year are food and drinks containers, plastic bags and cigarette butts which have all been put there by people.

When you’ve enjoyed a snack or picnic with family or friends, do the beach, ocean and planet a favour and take your rubbish home to recycle! We’ve heard of people burying their rubbish in the sand or even throwing it into the sea. Make sure you stick to the rule which ensures you “leave with what you came with” and take your rubbish to a bin to be disposed of correctly – better yet, take it home with you to ensure it is recycled!

Reuse and recycle at home

Next time you’re at home and helping your family prepare a meal, take a look at how much plastic packaging is used for simple everyday items. Once you start to become aware of how much we rely on plastic, it’ll make you more much conscious of how to dispose of it properly too, so please, recycle wherever possible. By recycling your rubbish it helps protect our oceans by limiting the amount of waste that ends up there through waste disposal and at the same time, it protects the entire planet! Check out One Green Planet to find out how plastic waste is harming marine life and for more tips on how to tackle this.

Don’t purchase items that exploit marine life

When you’re in a coastal town, you’ll often notice that lots of the souvenirs on offer are made from shells or marine life such as, coral jewellery, shark products and dried starfish. Unfortunately, although these items can seem beautiful, an animal or piece of nature has had to die to make it! It doesn’t seem so beautiful now does it? This is exploitation of our marine life. Businesses are making money off the nature we should all be enjoying in its natural habitat. Plus it’s completely unsustainable for the ocean and wildlife.

Support organisations working to protect the ocean

There are several charities and organisations out there all working with the same goal – to protect our oceans. Two of our favourites are the Ocean Conservancy who host regular coastal cleanups all over the world. Check out the website here to see how you can get involved or even start your own clean up in your local area!

Also, Surfers Against Sewage are doing great work to combat plastic pollution, so if you’re based in the UK, see what you can do to help here. If you live somewhere else we are sure that other organisations do the same and are happy for helpful hands.

When you’re in the water, be careful!

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the sea and oceans when doing water sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing, then be sure to be careful when in the water! Marine life such as coral can be easily damaged by human touch so stay away from rocks and the reef and never take anything out of the water home with you.

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