Best activities during the school holidays

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Best activities during the school holidays

The school holidays are the time to have as much fun as possible. Although, we know it can be hard for parents to entertain teenagers everyday during the school holidays. So we’ve compiled a list of the four best activities for teenagers during the school holidays.

Be a tourist in your own city

Are you staying at home this school holiday instead of travelling? Well, be a tourist in your own city! This is an amazing activity to do in the school holidays. If you think about it, how many things have you not done in your own town? Check out your local galleries and museums for new exhibits. If you live near a big city there may be a free walking tour you could join. This way you’ll discover the secrets of your city and maybe learn some cool new facts to impress your friends with. Trust us, this will be one of the best activities during the school holidays.

Get creative with photography

Another amazing activity to do during the school holiday is to get creative. Why not challenge yourself to see your local area in a different way. We all have camera phones these days so instead of taking selfies, use it for creative photography instead. Challenge yourself to create a themed photo series. It could be nature, interesting buildings or city life for example. The creative possibilities are endless. But getting creative is one of the best activities you can do during the school holidays.

Have a sociable TV marathon

One of our favourite activities to do during the school holidays is to have a movie marathon with friends! There’s rarely time to watch your favourite movies or series uninterrupted so use this down time to catch up on great TV. Why not invite your friends over for pop-corn and a Harry Potter marathon. Or catch up on Game of Thrones or just binge on the latest Netflix series. Whatever you choose, there’s something so mindful about taking time to enjoy resting and watching something on TV. Make sure you do this with friends so you have times to take a break and don’t get square eyes though!

Volunteer at your local care home

Resting time aside, why not use your school holidays to do something thoughtful for others. Offer to spend some time with the elderly at your local care home. The elderly can get very lonely when in a care home and seeing a young and friendly face can light up their day more than you could imagine. Offer your time to go in and read to the elderly or play a board game with them. If you have a talent, like singing, dancing or a playing musical instrument, then offer to entertain the elderly at your local care home. Of course you have to find out if you’re old enough to help out so make sure you call or visit first. But if you can find a place to volunteer, you’ll find that the reward you get from donating your time to help the elderly will be one of the best activities you can do during the school holidays.

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