Adventure Camp for teenagers in Tarifa, Spain

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Adventure Camp for teenagers in Tarifa, Spain

In other posts we have already emphasized that Lenguaventura is a camp with three options – Kitesurf – Windsurf and Multi-activities. In this post we would like to talk about the third option which is the Multiactivity program:

lengua-05-300x120When is the adventure Camp the best choice for a student?
When the idea of practising only watersports during the summer holidays does not convince somebody. In this case the Multi-activity camp is certainly a better match, as in this program every afternoon something else is going on with the main focus on the resources Tarifa as a summer resort for young learners has to offer, with its endless sandy beaches and an incomparable countryside with countless possibilities to enjoy activities and practise sports, becoming breathlesss with laughter; to foster team spirit and healthy competition, always supported by a team that encourages every student.

What kind of activities are offered in the adventure camp?
Of course beach and water activities to enjoy the beaches which Tarifa has to offer. Further to that, on the schedule are adventure activities to expend energy. We recently integrated parcour in nature in our Multiactivity program, with the idea that young people come into direct contact with nature and learn to move in nature environment, supervised by a fitness and movement coach. These activities are amazing, stimulating and creative and Lenguaventura wants to share them with the language students participating in the summer camp. Last but not least some cultural visits are also integrated and certainly quality time for enjoying friendship and relaxing.

Saladaviciosa2-300x120Why has Lenguaventura chosen this mix of activities?
Curiousity is a peculiarity of young people and often they want to benefit from different activities just to find out which one fits them best. The Multiactivity program of the summercamp in Tarifa, Spain takes this very fact of curiosity into consideration. For some joyous moments the language students step out of their routine in life and enter into a different world where they have to overcome obstacles in games and learn that they are able to do so, leaving their comfort zone and feeling free and selfconfident.

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