First summer camp – what to expect

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First summer camp – what to expect

Every year at Lenguaventura we host campers from all over the world. Some of our campers have been to summer camps before and some are attending a summer camp for the very first time. As Lenguaventura summer camp 2022 is fast approaching, we’ve compiled some information on what to expect at your first summer camp. Plus some tips for seasoned campers to help your first-time peers settle into summer camp easily.

What to expect at your first summer camp

Make new friends

There’s no better way to get acquainted with your fellow campers than by playing games. We have lots of fun ice-breakers planned to help our campers to get to know each other, learn everybody’s names and relax a little. By the end of your first day at Lenguaventura summer camp, you will already feel like a camp full of friends.

Your camp leaders will welcome you straight away

When you arrive at the airport, a member of the Lenguaventura team will be there to welcome you straight away. We will be looking for you, so there’s no need to worry about any problems on your arrival in Tarifa. As soon as you arrive at our camp base, you will be able to unpack and get settled in. Then there’s time for lots of fun and games while you meet your fellow campers and our friendly team.


Most of our campers settle into summer camp very quickly and easily. However, if you do experience some homesickness, there are lots of people at camp to help you get through it. Our staff are super friendly and so too are our campers, so before you know it, you’ll feel like Lenguaventura is your second home and our team and your peers are like a second family. As the end of summer camp approaches, we’re sure you’ll have had so much fun, you won’t want to go home!

How you can help your peers at summer camp

If you’re a seasoned summer camper, then check out some of tips below to help your new friends get settled in at their first time at a summer camp.

  1. Be aware of their nerves

Going to summer camp for the first time can be nerve-racking for some campers, so try to remember your own first-time experience and be sensitive and understanding if they are feeling nervous.

  1. Show them the ropes

If you’ve been to Lenguaventura summer camp before, then you’ll be aware of what to expect. Plus you’ll know the rules and regulations at camp. You could lend a hand introducing new campers to these to ensure they know the who’s, what’s, why’s and how’s of camp.

  1. Introduce yourself

If you’re a second or third time summer camper then show off your leadership skills and take the lead. Introduce yourself first to the new campers which will help them immediately feel more at home.

Whether you’re a first time summer camper or a seasoned summer camper, the most important thing is that you settle in and have fun. At Lenguaventura, we can be sure you will do just that!

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