FAQ which are COVID-19 related

FAQ which are COVID-19 related

Are you allowed to open Lenguaventura Summer Camp in 2021?

We are actively working to be able to carry out our camp during the 2021 summer season. However, we cannot guarantee it 100%, as travel is uncertain at this time. However, we are hopeful that international travel will resume before summer in keeping with the scheduled Covid-19 recovery plan.

When do we have to pay for the summer camp?

We completely understand that parents are undecided to pay for the camp currently and want to wait until closer to time to pay. We are currently taking enrolments with a pay-later scheme. In mid-April we reassess the situation and if appropriate, we will ask parents to make their first payment that will be refunded if the situation related to Covid worsens again. If the Camp can finally be carried out this summer 2021, the balance payment will be due at latest two weeks before the beginning of the Camp.

What is your COVID-19 cancellation policy?

Please click here to learn more about it.

Do you have safety guidelines for your summer camp?

Please click here to learn about our safety and hygiene measures.

Will you uphold all your entrance dates?

For the moment we are offering two dates, which are 27th June and 11th July 2021. Closer to the summer camp opening we will decide whether we can also admit students for the July 4th start date, according to the local and national guidance.

Can all summer camp activities take place as programmed?

We are quite positive that we can run our program as scheduled, as all activities offered are in small groups and outdoors. If a change in program is necessary, it will be in our culture, sport or leisure activities. This change would never apply to our three main activities – kitesurf, windsurf and adventure. Nonetheless, we guarantee a safe and super fun camp for everyone.

Will social distancing be required at the summer camp?

This certainly depends on the situation this summer. We will adhere to the local and national safety guide lines and conduct testing, social distancing and modified programming.

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