Campamento de kitesurf para adolescentes

Campamento de kitesurf para adolescentes

¡La cuenta atrás para el campamento de kitesurf para adolescentes en Tarifa ya ha empezado! El enfoque de los jóvenes kitesurfistas ​​durante su estancia en Tarifa se centrará en aprender tanto como sea posible o mejorar sus habilidades y técnicas que han aprendido con anterioridad. Los kitesurfistas pueden tener toda la diversión que desean en la playa y el agua, pero [...]

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Great summer camp in Tarifa

Monday, July 20th, 2015 The teens from the Multi-adventure Camp had a day at the beach with mud treatment and afterwards paintball. Dinner was out in Pacha Mama, a cool restaurant with swimming pool and music. Today we show you pictures from our Windsurfers and Kitesurfers.  

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The Bull Summer Games

This was the first kitesurf competition that comprises three different disciplines: theoretical part, practical part (on land) and kitesurfing. Every participants could collect points from those three different activities and the winners are those who have obtained the most points. Everybody had a chance to win even a beginner!.   The Bull Summer Games [...]

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