Teenage kite surf camp Tarifa, Spain

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Teenage kite surf camp Tarifa, Spain

The countdown to the teenage kite surf camp has already started. Kite surfers can have as much fun as they want on the beach and the water but should never forget the following rules:

1.    Respect other kiters and practise the give way rules.
2.    Respect other beach users.
3.    Be aware of the sun and use sun protection as much as needed. In case a student has forgotten their own sun lotion they can always ask the group leaders. They always have an emergency kit on them with sunblock.
4.    Drink water. If the participants get thirsty they can always ask the Lenguaventura staff for water. They always have water for the teenagers with them.
5.    In Tarifa it is recommendable to wear a wetsuit all year around (in summer at least a shorty). The students do not have to bring one themselves as they are supplied by the kitesurf school. A wetsuit does not only protect from cold water but also from sunburn, which usually develops only after coming back from a day at the beach.
6.    Never get angry if a kite instructor explains that the wind is too strong for young kite surfers to go on the water. They are locals and for them safety issues are always a priority. There may be many others on the water – this is true – but please consider that many pros train in Tarifa in summer because of the good wind conditions who have much more experience and a higher skill level.
7.    When a student has booked a group kitesurf course they should not get impatient if one of their peers does not learn as fast as them, or on the contrary, learns faster. In a group course a student should adapt to the pace of the group.
8.Last but not least never get arrogant, be cool. Talk about any issues that arise with the kitesurf instructors or one of the group leaders of the teenage kite surf camp.

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