Teen summer camp in Spain for 14 to 17 year-olds

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Teen summer camp in Spain for 14 to 17 year-olds

After the Camp is before the next Camp

One year of preparation and then the blink of an eye the summer camp has finished. In the previous blog entry we talked about the impact the end of camp has on the staff. Officially Lenguaventura closes down at the end of July but work in the office keeps on going. About six weeks are needed to finish up with all the paperwork and then, preparation for the new teen summer camp in Spain begins.

Every year we’re left with a bunch of clothes which students leave behind at the end of the summer camp. When nobody claims them we keep them for the rest of the year until the following camp ends. Then we give the clothes away to the Red Cross or to families who are in need.

People working in the administration of a summer camp always live in pleasant anticipation for the arrival of the next one. One becomes even more impatient as the doors get closer and closer to opening again, to welcome a new crowd of noisy, cheerful teenagers.

So the countdown for the next camp starts practically as soon as the previous camp has finished. Our counsellors Adrian and Bec took over in October the management of our social media accounts, which had been outsourced until now, so that our followers and Lenguaventura veterans, parents and visitors will always have real insider information about the Camp and Tarifa in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we will also regularly feed our blog with more information.

Another important job that we have in winter is to go over the Adventure program and evaluate all activities and the excursions. We have always our eyes open for new activities offered around Tarifa which we might be able to include in our next summer program.

As you see, the summer camp doors are closed but behind them something is always going on.

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