Summer camp observations – Summer camps Spain

Summer camp observations – Summer camps Spain

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We came across a quote recently that inspired us to write this week’s blog post about some summer camp observations we have made working with teenagers. It reads:

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Everyone can struggle with ‘being cool’ throughout their teenage years and sometimes it’s hard to even know what is ‘cool’! The truth is what’s cool to one person might not be to another. You might have different tastes in music, films, sports teams and fashion but there’s a number of personality traits that will always be cool. We meet many teenagers from all walks of life during our summer camps here at Lenguaventura in Tarifa, so here are our summer camp observations of things that will always be cool, whoever you are!

Do things you truly love!

When you truly love something, your passion for it will ooze out of you and become infectious to others around you. Find a hobby, subject or sport that makes you smile and you’ll soon find others will be interested in knowing more about it and possibly joining you too.

Be friendly and confident!

If you have a happy energy it will pass onto others. People love to be surrounded by positive thinkers, who are full of life. If you’re a friendly and confident person, you’ll be a magnet for other people and like-minded friends will flock to you. This leads us onto our next point…

Make friends!

Throughout your teenage years, university years and into adulthood, you’ll meet new people each and everyday. At every stage of your life, whether it’s joining a new school, starting university, moving cities, travelling on your own or even meeting a partner’s friendship group, you’ll come across new people all the time. The answer is, make friends! People who are warm, welcoming and truly nice to everyone they meet are the coolest people, always with the most friends. You never know when you’re going to need a friend so take your time to nurture your friendships. The people who you meet early on in life can grow to become some of your dearest friends in adulthood.

Be open minded!

Here at Lenguaventura we meet different teenagers from all over the world and we love to learn things about people’s different cultures, countries and ways of life. It’s fantastic to have an open mind – to want to try new things, learn new facts and broaden your skills and interests. There’s a whole world out there and it’s your duty to explore it! An open mind is a smart mind and when you’re an adult, clever is certainly cool!

Be independent and be yourself!

In the above summer camp observations we’re going to say ‘you’ a lot here, but it’s the most important word to remember, so bare this in mind and read on…

You is definitely the coolest version of ‘you’ and as corny as it sounds, people will gravitate towards you, if you just be yourself. Human beings are naturally attracted to genuine people who follow their own path. There’s nothing cool about imitating someone else or pretending to like something you don’t, so stick to your own sense of style and you’ll soon meet people who like you for you! Remember you’re an individual who has unique skills, personality traits, thoughts and conversation to bring to the world and that’s cool with us!

Meet other like-minded teenagers next summer by joining one of our summer camps for kitesurfing, windsurfing and super cool adventures!

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