Bleibe in Kontakt mit Deinen Freunden vom Sommercamp

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Bleibe in Kontakt mit Deinen Freunden vom Sommercamp

This year, like always, Lenguaventura summer camps were full of adventure, fun and unforgettable experiences. You shared all of it with some very special people and we’re sure you met some wonderful friends for life, and now that summer camp is over, you’ll want to stay in touch. Follow our tips for how to keep in touch with summer camp friends.


One of our favourite ways to communicate with people all over the world is WhatsApp! Finally we have a mobile platform which is super easy to use and free! Before you left camp you asked for sure your friends for their mobile phone numbers so you can add them on WhatsApp to chat easily, share videos and pictures, and send voice notes for free. Also if you have a good internet connection you can make phone calls from WhatsApp without incurring the international call charges. What more could you want?!

Create a Facebook group

Facebook is a fantastic platform to share content with your friends and family. Its features are endless from sharing picture galleries, to private messenger and commenting on your friends posts, but one of our favourite features is the groups feature. It allows you to create a private group with your friends where you can share pictures, chat and basically just catch up with what’s going on with everyone!

Add your summer camp friends on Instagram

We are sure we don’t need to explain Instagram to you as it’s the most popular social network for young people, but for those who don’t know, Instagram allows you to share pictures on a personal feed. You can set your account to public or private depending on your preferences (and your parents rules!) We guess you added your friends on Instagram whilst at summer camp so you can easily find them. Why not create your own hashtag for you and your summer camp friends that you can use on each picture. This gives you all an easy way to share and view pictures from your everyday lives and still feel connected. And don’t forget to use the #Lenguaventura hashtag so we can join in too!

Skype your summer camp friends

Skype is an amazing tool to help you stay in touch with friends from all over the world, as it’s free and easy to connect with an internet connection. Even if you don’t have a Skype account yourself, we’re sure your parents and friends parents do so ask them to add your friends on there so you can video chat.

As with any social network there are risks that the wrong type of people are able to access your content and even try to speak to you personally, so make sure you stay safe with Connect Safely’s online safety tips here.

Write letters to your summer camp friends

In our digital world there is something very special about receiving a hand written letter so why not write to your friends! This is a fantastic way to keep in touch as you’ll be able to have a very meaningful conversation by taking your time to think and hand write it. It also gives you a great opportunity to send small tokens and gifts from your country to your friends.

Travel to see your summer camp friends

If you don’t live too far apart, you could arrange to visit your summer camp friends throughout the year (as long as this is ok with your parents). Why not invite your summer camp buddies to your birthday party or arrange a sleepover weekend. Each time you meet up you’ll rekindle that summer camp camaraderie which was so special and so much fun!

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