Overnight bilingual summer camp

  • Overnight bilingual summer camp, a month to remember

Overnight bilingual summer camp

A month to remember

This year, all the people who work in Lenguaventura Summer Camp have come to the same conclusion: How fast the time has gone! We spend all the year waiting for the camp, to gather all again in Tarifa, to work again together and enjoy with the activities, to see again the ones who come back for the second or even third time or to meet the new people… and after 30 days of hard work, the feeling when the camp is over is very weird.

From this blog, where we have told you everything we lived in the overnight bilingual summer camp, we would like to thank everyone who have made that all of this happened and we spent (as the slogan of this year says) ¡BEST SUMMER OF OUR LIVES! Thanks to the monitors, teachers, cooks, cleaners, bus drivers and the rest of the staff and above all, thanks to all of you, boys and girls who have come from all over the World, from more than 15 different nationalities!

We all hope you enjoyed the day-to day in our overnight bilingual summer camp Lenguaventura and you keep now the best memories. To help this happens, here you have a nice collage with some of the best moments lived during this month.

Thanks to everyone and hope to see you soon again!

Remember you can see more photos in our website and become a friend in Facebook to keep in touch!

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