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Summer camp blog Lenguaventura, Tarifa, Spain


Now as the countdown for the beginning of the Summer Camp has started there are many thoughts coming up. For one month we will live in a powerful community with teenagers and learn from each other. Before starting the Camp we write this summer camp blog article:

Being a teenager is a tough job. People assume that they are irritating, irresponsible and in a weird relationship with their phone. Well yes, they are all of that but then there is also a lot more to being a teenager that we often forget. If you look beyond their odd music taste and troubled relationships, here are some life lessons you can learn from the most misunderstood clan of people.

Being confused. and unsure seems initially to be a privilege that only young people have but actually even as an adult there is nothing wrong with being a little confused and unsure at times.

Dream big. The best part about the teenage years is that you don’t have limitations or constraints which stop you from achieving your dreams. The ability to dream big and really believe in those dreams is something we need to hold on to.

Hanging out with friends. We all remember these lighthearted times. Later on responsibility, family and work will often cause us to forget to slow down and spend time with the people we really like. Being surrounded by friends is not a privilege that only young people have.

Be passionate. Young people are convinced that everything will turn out fine and be fun. As adults we should go on feeling this passion. If not something has definitely gone wrong.

Follow your heart. Teens don’t really care if what they want is practical or not. And if it isn’t, they deal with the consequences later. They just do what their heart tells them to. We should not stop living this way when we are adults. There is nothing wrong with being an adult and doing first what our heart tells, and thinking about the consequences later.

Teenagers annoy adults often by disregarding what they have to say and doing what they want. Adults should do the same from time to time. Leaving the comfort zone you have been building up throughout your adult life and doing what you have been dreaming of for a long time, without hurting or disrespecting anyone or anything of course.

Let go of the guilt. Teenagers have endless energy. They have no problems to stay up all night and attend college the next day. This energy in the younger years seems to blow away in adulthood. An adult who is a little bit low on energy feels quickly guilty for time spend doing nothing. Make sure that you waste some time without any guilt.

Do new things: Go to an unknown place, stay up all night, reading that book, meet new people. New, unexpected experiences will certainly add to the fun.

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