Bilingual Camp with Spanish kids in Tarifa

Bilingual Camp with Spanish kids in Tarifa

In May Lenguaventura spent an exciting week with a Spanish group of 12-14 years old kids who came to Tarifa for a 4-days English Camp experience with the objective of practising English.

We had many activities prepared just to make the kids talk in English. Although we are in May the weather was not quite summery but whatever we proposed the group, the kids were so into it and participated with energy and enthusiasm even in the activities outside in the rainy weather.

The teachers, three young women, who accompanied the group encouraged and supported the group and participated actively in all activities even though there were some wet ones, caused by the rainy weather.

The commitment from the kids, their teachers and of course from our group leaders showed once again that the generation which obviously only knows how to use facebook, twitter, etc. is still able to enjoy themselves without electronic devices if you dedicate them your time. We did not have time for TV and Internet and I have not had the impression that the kids needed it as they had enough distraction and learned more practical things, such as fellowship, English, respect for the nature and self-confidence which are important elements to head for a successful future.

The school who organised the trip for their kids gave them an unforgettable and hopefully eye opening experience which will last for a long time. Congratulation from our side to their motivated staff.

……and the personal conclusion from Lenguaventura; youth is not lost just give them attention and learn them passion for whatever they do paired with a sane spirit of competitivity.

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