Summer camp program for young adventurers

Summer camp program for young adventurers with a Eco Citizenship award Lenguaventura has decided to make some exciting changes to our successful Multi-activity option. Building on our many years of experience in working with teenagers we will be offering the opportunity for them to participate in our unique summer camp program for young adventurers in [...]

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Kitesurf youth summer camp Andalusia

Young but already an expert kitesurfer? Young sporty expert kitesurfers who would love to participate in a kitesurf youth summer camp but never have because they are already independent kitesurfers, so they do not want or need to sign up to a kitesurf course. Now Lenguaventura can offer a great alternative for these teenagers. As [...]

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Camps for teenagers in Spain, Tarifa, Andalusia

Camps for teenagers in Spain, Tarifa, (14 - 17 years)  with bilingual background Over the past few years we have received more and more requests from parents concerning the possibilities of joining the Lenguaventura camps for teenagers in Spain but not participating in the language classes. The most frequent argument in asking this question is [...]

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Summer Camp for teens in Tarifa

Summer Camp for teens in Tarifa, Spain - Season 2015 Summer is round the corner and teenagers and their parents are looking into a suitable summer camp . With our new website we start off on our new season 2015 and at a glance we want to let you know what in the Lenguaventura summer camp for [...]

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Lenguaventura Camps 2014 – Summer camps for juniors

It’s been four  weeks since we welcomed our first Lenguaventura boys and girls who were eager to have fun and live new experiences. They came from a wide range of countries: USA. Austria, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Morocco, Spain, South America, UAE, etc. The first days were those we call “ice-breaking days”, when [...]

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The Bull Summer Games

This was the first Lenguaventura kitesurf competition that comprises three different disciplines: theoretical part, practical part (on land) and kitesurfing. Every participants could collect points from those three different activities and the winners are those who have obtained the most points. Everybody had a chance to win even a beginner!.   The Bull Summer [...]

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