Anticipation Summer Camp – Teen Camp Tarifa

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Anticipation Summer Camp – Teen Camp Tarifa

How to work through your anticipation of summer camp

Arriving at summer camp is always a moment of mixed emotions. Whether you are a first-time summer camper or if you’re returning after the previous summer, it can be an emotional time. Ordinarily jitters such as feeling excited, scared and worried is completely normal and the anticipation of summer camp is a lot to take in.

Here’s some tips to work through your anticipation of summer camp.

  1. Ask yourself open questions

Often a new experience can leave you feeling overwhelmed and scared. Rather than looking at the whole experience as a scary new experience, try to break down what is making you feel scared. Ask yourself open questions such as “what is it that I’m scared about windsurfing/kitesurfing?”. Use these questions to help rationalise your worries and reframe your thoughts.

  1. Reframe your worries

Anticipation can present itself as worries, making us have a negative thought process when we’re about to experience something new. Summer camp is a joyful time for a teenager and something you’ll remember forever. So reframe your worries by thinking about all the things you are going to learn and the fantastic new experiences you’re going to have. These experiences will not only enable your skills to grow but you’ll also grow in confidence and independence too.

  1. Don’t think of yourself as the only one

Anticipation has a funny way of tricking you into thinking you’re the only one who has ever been going through something. Try not to think of yourself as the only person feeling anxious about summer camp. Here at Lenguaventura, we are like one big family and each summer all of our campers (and staff too) feel anxious and excited before summer camp starts! Everyone is here to support each other and we’re all in the same hypothetical boat. By the end of summer camp you’ll be sad to say goodbye to your new best friends until the next year.

  1. Talk to friends and family

Don’t try to ignore your anticipation and worries about summer camp as this will only make you feel overwhelmed. Talk to your friends and family about their formative experiences. Maybe you have a friend who has been to a summer camp before – if so, ask them how they dealt with being away from home for the first time. Also find out what they loved and learnt from the experience. Ask your parents about their own experiences growing up and what they learned from their time away from home. Try to find out what they are excited for you to experience and this will help you feel positive about your upcoming new experiences.

  1. Contact home

Lastly, don’t forget that you can contact home at any time while you are here at Lenguaventura summer camp! If you feel like you’re missing home and your family and friends, you are welcome to contact them at any time. Use WhatsApp to message your family and friends or your mobile phone to phone home when you need to. Your loved ones are only a phone call away.

Summer camp is the beginning of a great adventure. It is filled with rich opportunities and new experiences, which include meeting amazing people, encountering amazing new places, and trying all sorts of awesome activities. Each day will bring exciting freedoms, increased independence and new responsibilities.

We look forward to seeing you at Lenguaventura 2022!

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